Mattress Stain Removal

Here at PS Home Maintenance, we offer a wide range of mattress cleaning services in Singapore, including stain removal. Though we help customers remove stains when they come for general mattress cleaning, our specialized mattress stain removal service lets you have fresh spills or even old stubborn stains removed.

Our stain removal solutions will be useful when your mattress is cleaned but is dented by a stain from blood, coffee spills, or any other similar culprits. 

If you’re curious about how to remove blood stains from mattress, you don’t have to keep wondering what product or service provider to use. The knowledgeable mattress cleaner team at PS Home Maintenance is equipped with the proper stain removal solutions to rid your bed of any stain completely.

Get All Kinds Of Stain Removed At PS Home Maintenance

We offer not only mattress blood stain removal but also the following related services:

  • Mattress wine stain removal.
  • Mattress urine stain removal.
  • Mattress oil stain removal.
  • Mattress makeup stain removal.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable and professional mattress cleaner providing comprehensive stain removal services in Singapore, look nowhere else. PS Home Maintenance is the company to call.

Mattress Stain Removal Done On Time

When some people want to clean mattress stains, they often think they can do so any time they want to. In other words, they reason that a stain removal company can always help them remove any stain at any time, even after a long time.

But keep in mind that once the stain permanently sets in, the chances of getting the bed stain removed becomes little to none, even with a professional cleaning procedure. That’s why it’s important to call the experts at PS Home Maintenance the moment you have or notice any mattress stain issues.

What To Do Before Calling Us

If, for example, you spill or get a liquid on your mattress, the first thing to do is remove any nearby items that may have caused the spill, to prevent further spills. Then call us.

If you see a urine or oil stain, don’t bother trying to clean it yourself – call PS Home Maintenance instead! We have powerful machines and special cleaners to treat oil and similar stains.

We Help With Mattress Replacement

Unlike other service professionals who may not tell you the truth if your mattress is unsalvageable, we always tell you the truth about the condition of your mattress before we begin cleaning.

This way, you can decide whether to replace the stain or proceed with a stain removal session.

And in cases where it turns out your mattress is beyond saving, we can help you get a new mattress or guide you on how to get ones that will give you the level of comfort the existing bed offers or better.

We have extensive knowledge about all the different types of mattresses on the market and can help you find the perfect one for your needs. If you need professional help with a mattress stain, don’t hesitate to call PS Home Maintenance. We’re here to help! 

Why Choose Our Service

One of the many reasons local customers tend to use our service and even give us referrals is our unmatched professional delivery at all times. When we first access your mattress, we’ll take our time to determine the number of culprits involved in the stain carefully. It doesn’t matter if the discoloration is any combination of baby formula spit-up, urine, tea or coffee in the morning, and blood. We’ll also determine the level of the damage and decide on the best cleaning ingredients and technique to execute the job flawlessly.

Other Reasons Why Customers Tend To Come To Us Are:

Excellent customer support

We’re always available to answer any questions you may have, whether over the phone or in person.


We’re experts when it comes to mattress cleaning and restoration. Even with the best protection, such as a mattress protector, stains and spills can still go down your mattress and dent it. But be assured we have what it takes to handle the cleaning.

Affordable pricing

We know that getting a mattress stain remover service doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket or make you break the bank. Therefore, we make our service rates and pricing affordable without compromising quality.

Still Looking For Stain Removal From Your Mattress? We’re Here To Help

You don’t have to keep worrying about how to remove blood stain from bed or any other liquids. The professional service providers here can help you.

Let PS Home Maintenance complete the job instead of wasting time and resources on a rookie service provider, who may even get your mattress wet and exposed to mold growth.

If you need professional help with a mattress stain, don’t hesitate to call PS Home Maintenance. We’re here to help! 

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