Mattress Steam Cleaning

PS Home Maintenance provides mattress steam cleaning service to residential customers in Singapore, so they can sleep and relax on their beds without worrying about dust mites and allergens sharing their mattresses with them.

When was the last time you had your mattresses cleaned? It’s recommended to get your bed a steam cleaning job with the change of the seasons or at least two times a year. To keep your home safe and free from allergens or germs, contact the experts at PS Home Maintenance for a deep steam cleaning of your mattresses.

Mattress Steam Cleaning Process

Proper Vacuuming

Our mattress cleaning process starts with deep vacuuming to eliminate particulate matter and flakes. We do this by removing pillowcases and stripping the mattress of all sheets. Then, we use a powerful vacuum cleaner with a high-efficiency particulate air filter to remove as much dust, dirt, and debris as possible.

Unlike many other service providers, our mattress steam cleaning professionals pay close attention to areas such as the seam lines where most build-up settles. We use industry highly-rated vacuum cleaners to get the job done right the first time.

You don’t have to keep searching online for “the best mattress steam cleaner in Singapore” or something like that on Google or Bing. Simply contact PS Home Maintenance. Our experienced and certified professionals are more than happy to help you.


The next step in our deep mattress cleaning service is pre-treatment of stained surfaces. This is required to prep any surface soiled with spillage from drink and food, urine, vomit, or blood for thorough cleaning. Our pre-treatment process uses efficient, non-harsh, and natural cleaning ingredients.

Regardless of the nature of the stain, be rest assured that PS Home Maintenance has all it takes to take care of your mattress cleaning.

Mattress Deep Cleaning

We will use our steam cleaning machine to clean the mattress fabric thoroughly. This will help kill bacteria and remove all traces of dirt, dust mites, and other allergens. Once the steam cleaning is complete, we will let the mattress dry before applying other necessary touches.

Maybe you just bought your mattress and inadvertently spilled over a drink on it, or kids did a rough play on it, causing a stain on the mattress. Do not stress yourself over the cleaning details; we’re here to help you.

Below are some other situations for which we receive calls from customers to come to have their mattresses cleaned.

  • Stains from a build-up of natural body sweat and oils.
  • Mold build-up on the mattress due to bed placement in a damp environment.
  • Stains arising from skincare or hair products such as moisturizers.

Why Choose Our Service

Customers in Singapore choose to work with us because we offer the following more than the competition.

Deep Cleaning for All Customers

It’s one thing to hire a mattress cleaning service provider, but it’s an entirely different matter to have your mattress rid of all traces of dirt, dust mites, and other allergens. This is because there are beginners in this line of business.

Entrusting your steam clean bed job to an inexperienced mattress cleaner might get you an uncleaned, germ and bacteria-ridden job and lead to a damaged mattress.

But on the contrary, letting an experienced and knowledgeable cleaning service company complete a mattress steaming and cleaning project will ensure a germ-free, deodorized, and clean mattress.

Other Reasons Why Customers Tend To Come To Us Are:

Excellent customer support

We’re always available to answer any questions you may have, whether over the phone or in person.


We’re experts when it comes to mattress cleaning and restoration. Even with the best protection, such as a mattress protector, stains and spills can still go down your mattress and dent it. But be assured we have what it takes to handle the cleaning.

Affordable pricing

We know that getting a mattress stain remover service doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket or make you break the bank. Therefore, we make our service rates and pricing affordable without compromising quality.

Still Looking For Stain Removal From Your Mattress? We’re Here To Help

You don’t have to keep worrying about how to remove blood stain from bed or any other liquids. The professional service providers here can help you.

Let PS Home Maintenance complete the job instead of wasting time and resources on a rookie service provider, who may even get your mattress wet and exposed to mold growth.

If you need professional help with a mattress stain, don’t hesitate to call PS Home Maintenance. We’re here to help! 

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